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Christine H. Moore is a wife, mother of two energetic baseball players, a Certified John Maxwell Speaker/Trainer/Coach and is passionate about sharing her story of how God set her free from an addiction to prescription pills. She now travels and shares her experience, strength and hope with others.


Christine grew up in Dallas, Texas and had a great life growing up. She was raised in a Christian home and her mother gave her a strong foundation in the Lord. She was a ballet dancer and competitive gymnast growing up and moved to Austin in 1999 where she attended The University of Texas at Austin and majored in Theater and Dance. She met her husband while attending school and got married one year to the date they met. After she graduated, she became a dance instructor and got involved with fitness competitions because she loved performing on stage and utilizing her dance and gymnastics background.


Christine had it all, married to her best friend, doing what she loved and was respected by many. Never in a thousand years would she have thought addiction would ever be an issue a day in her life. She always thought it was people who had no ambition or those who suffered trauma in their childhoods or those who lived on the streets that had problems with drugs and addiction.


Christine’s powerful story of how addiction started off simply, by her husband suffering a minor injury at work and being prescribed a mild pain killer to her trying one of his pills. This led her down a deep dark path of drug addiction. It took many years but in the end, she lost her marriage, custody of her children and almost lost her life several times by overdosing.


In her rock bottom moment, she finally fully surrendered to God and began the long journey to Recovery. It was several years of ups and downs and hard work but today she is set free and gives God all the Glory for restoring everything and more back to her life.


Christine has turned her mess into her message and is now mentoring other women as well as speaking at churches, prisons, rehabs, business luncheons, radio shows and podcasts. She is excited about how God is going to continue using her and her ministry to touch people’s lives in a powerful way and leave a legacy for future generations.

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